Notice: Special Fire District Vote

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Official Notice: Upcoming Special Election in Roosevelt Fire District

Date: March 26, 2024

The Roosevelt Fire District is calling on all eligible voters within the district to participate in a pivotal Special Election scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024. This election is a significant event for our community, offering an opportunity to voice your opinion on proposed enhancements to our fire safety and emergency response infrastructure.

Location and Time of Voting:

The election will be held at the Fire District Headquarters, located at 56 West Centennial Avenue, Roosevelt, New York. The polls will open at 2:00 PM and close at 9:00 PM, ensuring ample time for all registered voters to cast their ballots.

Proposition Overview:

The Board of Fire Commissioners has proposed two critical resolutions aimed at improving our fire district’s capabilities and readiness. These propositions were developed with the future safety and efficiency of our services in mind, and your vote will determine their implementation.

1. Construction of a New Fire Station:

The first proposition involves the construction of an 8,000 square foot, single-story fire station on property located at 51 Park Avenue, Roosevelt. This new facility, designed by JCM Architecture, P.C., will include modern furnishings, equipment, machinery, and necessary site work. The estimated cost for this project is $7,772,672. This includes the appropriation of $2,000,000 from existing capital reserve funds, with the issuance of bonds covering the remaining cost.

2. Acquisition of a New Fire Truck:

The second proposition focuses on acquiring a state-of-the-art fire truck, complete with the latest apparatus and equipment. This addition is critical for enhancing our response capabilities. The total estimated cost for this acquisition is $2,500,000, to be financed through the issuance of bonds.

Total Investment:

The combined investment for these projects is estimated at $10,272,672, marking a significant step forward in our district’s commitment to public safety and emergency preparedness.

Voting Details:

To participate in this Special Election, residents must have been registered with the Nassau County Board of Elections by March 4, 2024. We urge all eligible voters to take part in this crucial decision-making process, shaping the future of our community’s fire safety and response services.

Your Voice Matters:

This election is your opportunity to support the Roosevelt Fire District in its mission to provide top-tier fire protection and emergency response services. By approving these propositions, you are investing in a safer, more resilient community.

We thank you for your continued support and participation in our community’s welfare. Remember, every vote counts in making Roosevelt a safer place for everyone.

By Order of the Board of Fire Commissioners

Date: February 17, 2024


For further information and updates, please visit our website regularly. Your involvement and feedback are invaluable to us as we strive to serve and protect our community with excellence.

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