Commissioner Pamela Williams

Vice Chairman of the Board

Commissioner Pamela Williams is a pioneering figure in the Roosevelt Fire District, holding the historic title of its first female Fire Commissioner. Her background as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Roosevelt Fire Department, paired with her role as an elementary school teacher in the Roosevelt Union Free School District, showcases her deep commitment to the community.

Role and Vision

As Commissioner and Vice Chairman of the Roosevelt Fire District, Williams oversees the financial and administrative sectors of the fire district, emphasizing the importance of education, training, and the procurement of advanced firefighting equipment. Her leadership is marked by a dedication to inclusivity, innovation, and a forward-looking approach that seeks to enhance the operational capabilities of the Roosevelt Fire Department.

Pamela Williams’s tenure symbolizes progress and diversity, aligning with the Roosevelt Fire District’s goals of excellence and community service. Her continued impact is anticipated as she stands for election, aiming to extend her influential and groundbreaking leadership.