Captain Melody Foskey-Easterling

Captain – Emergency Company 1

Captain Melody Foskey-Easterling is celebrated for her exceptional dedication and service within the Roosevelt Fire Department, particularly recognized for her outstanding contributions to the Emergency Medical Squad. Her journey with the department is marked by significant achievement, including her recognition as the Probationary Emergency Medical Squad Member of the Year.

Recognition and Service

Melody was honored on April 10, 2010, at the 98th Annual Department Installation Dinner, highlighting her commitment and exemplary service. The commendation is a testament to her dedication, a strong desire to help others, and a tireless sense of community that drives her to forsake precious time with family and friends to respond to a neighbor in need.

Throughout her tenure, Captain Foskey-Easterling has demonstrated heroic performance, going above and beyond the call of duty in emergency medical service. Her actions embody the spirit of volunteerism and the essence of human compassion, making her a valued member of the Roosevelt Fire Department and a respected figure within the community.

This profile honors Captain Melody Foskey-Easterling’s significant contributions and unwavering dedication to the field of emergency medical services, reflecting her role as a pivotal member of the Roosevelt Fire Department.